Doing things differently is not just a goal at Mautic, it’s the standard for all aspects of our organization. We strive to lead the way, to take the path less traveled. From the uniqueness of the open source marketing automation concept to the processes used in developing our software, we wanted to pave a new way, even if it means doing things the hard way.

Don’t misunderstand, the struggle has been well worth the results as marketers, organizers, and small business owners around the globe fall in love with Mautic. Plus everything about the software didn’t have to be difficult, it simply had to be right. That’s why Mautic chose to develop with Symfony. Our programmers are the ones turning vision into reality and they're doing it with the latest, most powerful frameworks available. For nearly a decade, Symfony has been doing the same thing and we’re totally on board with their philosophy.

Symfony is a set of PHP Components, a Web Application framework, a Philosophy, and a Community — all working together in harmony.

At Mautic, we think that’s pretty cool.

Symbiotic Relationship

Being community-driven and open source, we are always thinking about growth and scalability. Our marketing equality project has already begun to take on a life of it’s own, but we have made sure that the foundation for all subsequent development stands up to the needs of our users and the desires of developers. Future improvements will be that much more powerful because of the strong and ever-developing Symfony framework, which is exactly what we need for scalability and consistency in our software.

Check out the full list of components utilized by Mautic on the Symfony website.

Learn more about PHP components, Symfony’s web application frameworks, training and resources by visiting their website or reading the wiki article.

Try It Out

See for yourself how Mautic has used Symfony to create powerful, beautiful, open source marketing automation. Take our software for a free test drive on our demo page, create your own hosted account (free forever), or download the software today at

Check out the code behind the applications by visiting Mautic’s GitHub repository and get involved in the development of the world’s only open source marketing automation.

Let’s build great things together. Happy marketing!


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